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Honda Overhaul is a part of a series of websites that aim to bring repair information to people in need of said information. We strive to offer a large selection of atv's torque specs, general specifications, and part compatibilities between models. We also hope to extend into automobiles in the near future to extend our reach to more users. Everything on this site is aimed to help people in need of the given information by creating a central location for them to find said information. If there are any issues with our content, any errors that you may come across, and or any missing content that should be present PLEASE feel free to message us through our feedback page or by emailing our business email at atvoverhaul@gmail.com. Thanks!!

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Alan Montanye is the designer/developer for this given website. He has a bachelors in Computer Science and Business Admin from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. His goals are to provide a collection of information for DIY mechanics who may not have access to the appropriate resources to complete specific jobs. This website is the first of the series to be published and additional ATV/UTV models will be added shortly as well as other car manufacturers.

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